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Empower Your Remote Workforce with Secure Video Conferencing. Improve
productivity with meeting highlights and transcription.

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Empower Your Remote Workforce with Secure Video Conferencing. Improve
productivity with meeting highlights and transcription.

A powerful tool to bring your classroom Experience Online.

Looking for a professional solution for teaching remote students online? BigBlue Button provides real-time sharing of
audio, video, slides, chat, and screen. Students are engaged through sharing of emoji icons, polling, and breakout rooms.

Secure Enhanced Interactive Networked operating windows for enhanced Virtual Messaging

Secure interactive Video and messaging communication for virtual remote connectivity to work and play your way.

Easy to use feature rich tools provide the ultimate experience for both work and social activities using remote messaging for enhanced online experiences.

Advanced communications lets you create ,communicate and personalise your video messaging experience.

Simple video messenger and tools work off your existing operating systems and software to run seamless virtual business, training, and social environments.

Exchange ideas and information with the right tools to ensure the best possible outcomes. Improve efficiency and productivity ,limit downtime with advanced framework for joint interaction that accelerates multi-function messaging.

Seinow changing performance of online meeting environments for virtual limitless joint connections with progressive feature rich technology, that makes virtual possible.

Seinow: Secure enhanced interactive Networked Operating windows For online experiences.

Use seinow for free or pick a package to suit your requirements below

Choose a package with features and addons you need to meet your requirements

Many Features.

Empowering features, that improveproductivity for remote seamless secure Video messengerconferencing.

Screen sharing , duel and multi-level ability Share your screen to one or unlimited virtual online communities .
Duel chat video messenger and web chat lets you Send both public and private messages in your group meetings .
Session Recording for pre post and live recordings with hi audio automatic playback and audio enhancement
highlights and transcriptions can be changed enlarged or highlighted in live or recored chats and messaging with mulituser or sing user host only access features
Upload and download drivers feature include options forGoogle Driveor similar
Quickly schedule one-on-one sessions, group lessons, or courses using one of the many available scheduling time saver options.

Complete interactive scalable Virtual work space for Classroom and remote learning system and tools for instruction and tutorsfor virtual learning (though it can be used for many other applications) please refer to our feature pages Educ

Accessible meet WCAG 2.0 AA and Section 508 accessibility standards.

Unlimited webcam share limited or set limitless groups and web connect cams.Sophisticated integration gives you access to Unlimited webcams or securedone on one for webcasts, webinars, eleconferencing ,video chat andconference meetings.(limitationsonly apply to packages and bandwidth . (We provide solution for high user requirements )

Muti-user whiteboard toolsOur whiteboard tools enables multi users to Draw and highlight eithrr buy the select host or together in live or pre-recorded sessions using the screen for use in Videos, Images ,Document for pinpoint precision
A collaborative text editor help you change text and have multi live editions for servalparticipants which is ideal for collaborate work and reduces times to sent emails for work on the go .
Emojis built in for quick response or to Express yourself.
Group collaboration (many-to-many)
Built-in polling makes it easy to engage record and store to make available for later review.
Cloud storage and support available

Support & customisationWe offer support for premium and premier and premium clients with specialists tohelp custom requirements from development ,hosting and troubleshooting .

Meeting function also allows you to add text transcript as each person speaks, admit or deny entry to anyone and does not allow anonymous users
Change and Customize your look and feel .You can skin your look and feel to make your virtual experience more personal from your company logo to artwork to make people know its you there connecting to.
Live whiteboard for presenters and groups
When using the whiteboard tool annotations are automatically displayed .Presenters can zoom in highlight, draw and write on presentations making your points on Online whiteboard ,documents text chat video and images
Bulk import and upload options for external or internal server uses
Record WebcamsRecord live chats Pre record chats, courses or speeches or presentations and attach them into live meetings
Breakout RoomsGroup users into breakout rooms for team collaboration.
Audio/video conferencingintegrating the latest high-quality audio and visual messaging fot the best available experience.
Seamlines integration of existing systems
Integrations to your existing system seamless all the major Management Systems.

Try SEINOW. It’s simple.

Experience meetings with HD video and Dolby Voice audio. Your meetings have never been this productive.


Happy customers.

"The best video conferencing solution for teacher coaching Lots of features help me work with students to get them to the next level."

Cheyne horan

Word surfing champion
Education, surf school ceo
Motivator, preformance coach, living legand

"Seinow clearly listened to market feedback to improve messaging ,good to see"

"This is the best video conferencing solution hands down we run our business full time remotely here now."


"I tutor and teach from home with the classroom and tutor school system. It integrates with my lms so can use everything as well as their whiteboards and tools. Its an excellent resources"


"We run our college and classes with all students at home together of seinow .We can add as many students .They interact , ad notes ad we can give feedback . we also prerecord lessons and talks ,its perfect of us"

Presentation Tools Audiences Across The Globe

  • Adaptable Design
  • APIintegration
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Automatic Notifications
  • CRM Integration
  • Call Recording pre live and post
  • Call Routing
  • Call Transfer
  • Caller ID
  • Chat single or unlimited
  • Cloud meeting storage
  • Communication Management
  • Conferencing
  • Contact Management
  • Clean Code for customisation
  • Duel message and text
  • Instant Messaging
  • Notifications pop and reminder
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Record messaging chats, web cam
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Third Party Integration
  • Texting/ duel texting next to live or recorded videos and images
  • Video Conferencing/visual meetings
  • Voice Mail
  • videos and texting
  • webcam
  • whiteboard

Feature rich, simple to use ,works with existing systems Switch now to seinow the difference .
Powerful tools forEnhanced Virtual Experiences

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